Project Prometheus : 


  • Jamie Rossi

    Jamie Rossi is one of Weyland’s elite nanotechnologists; she’s currently involved in several bio-medical projects on Luna.

  • Brendan Wright

    Brendan Wright is an SE Vehicle Pilot in the Outer Veil; he knows first-hand the value Weyland places on safety.

  • David Post

    David Post is Lead Economic Geologist for Weyland's pre-terraforming team and is based in Unity City, Gliese 581 d.


Why Weyland

work for a company that makes a difference

At Weyland, it is the innovation, ambition and genius of our workforce that keeps us on top of the market. To that end, we foster a positive, nurturing environment where creativity and the scientifically avant garde are rewarded. We believe that our employees are the most valuable resource we have.

Because of this, Weyland is a competitive company that demands the best from its employees in their work, their dedication and their ambition. Our standards are high. But so are the benefits of working for us.

Top 10 Reasons

  • project ownership
  • impeccable safety record
  • transparency
  • benefits
  • stability
  • family
  • innovation
  • exploration
  • diversity
  • people

Weyland supports groundbreaking research in variety of fields, which is why employees in our R&D department are often given total autonomy in their work. We know that taking responsibility for something you are passionate about often translates into better work and more driven results.

No other company on or off-world matches Weyland’s incredible safety record. We care about our employees, and it shows in the security and defense measures we exercise. All interstellar explorations employ rigorous quarantine protocols to ensure the health and safety of the crew at any expense.

We believe that successful companies are open, honest and accountable. That’s why Weyland makes all off-world excursions public knowledge, along with the purpose and crew list of each. Weyland strives to build the utmost trust in our customers, our investors and our employees, one world at a time.

Happy employees mean a healthy company, which is why Weyland provides its employees with a comprehensive benefits structure designed to keep our employees healthy, engaged and productive. Employee contracts have a generous built-in share package, with equitable bonuses given for projects completed.

From the company’s incorporation in 2012 to its $100 billion market capitalization to its Fortune 500 honors, Weyland Industries has shown continued stable growth and increased profit margins for investors. As Weyland celebrates over 60 years in business, we look to the future for continued success.

Our founder Sir Peter Weyland placed a high value on family, which is why Weyland Industries has established so many family-friendly initiatives, including generous parental leave, on-site day care and tuition reimbursement (initiatives vary by employment contract; some employees may not be eligible).

Innovation is the core of Weyland Industries - it’s what made Sir Peter an inventor 12 times over by age 14, it’s what ended global warming and it’s what continues to power this company today. Weyland offers its employees a chance to be a part of something great - and a chance to change the world.

Weyland has outposts and colonies across the galaxy, and is constantly expanding its presence beyond the known universe. For those who work off-world, we offer discovery; the chance to push against the boundaries of all human knowledge, and claim new worlds, new stars and new life.

Over the years, Weyland Industries has worked tirelessly to create an inclusive environment that values each employee’s background, experience and viewpoint in a way that makes our company stronger. The depth of our workforce powers the creativity and dedication that make Weyland unique.

We believe in making and maintaining relationships that have meaning. From our founder Sir Peter Weyland to the newest generation of cybernetic individual and all of the scientists, engineers, doctors and pilots in between, people, and the trust they have in our company, are what matter.