About the Mission

Conceived and planned by Sir Peter Weyland himself, Project Prometheus is Weyland Industries’ most significant initiative yet. Sir Weyland named the mission in honor of the great titan who first gave mankind fire; now, he returns the favor by giving his own gift of fire to the masses, one that will guide the company and its investors to the ultimate truth via the U.S.C.S.S. Prometheus.

The mission of Project Prometheus is to seek out the actual origin of mankind, wherever it may be. Weyland Industries believes this voyage will yield extraordinary dividends for its investors; financially and spiritually. This mission is incredible in scope: not only do we endeavor to bring vital knowledge back to investors, but it will mark the furthest a human has ever ventured into our universe. Because of the high level of risk involved, Weyland has searched far and wide to find the most skilled, dedicated and exceptional professionals to contribute their expertise to the mission. These are the people who will build a better world for us all.