Discover New Worlds: At Weyland Industries, we've explored hundreds of star systems and established over 60 colonies throughout the galaxy. Over the course of our continuing research, we have uncovered exciting new information which may ultimately redefine the entire narrative of human existence. Help us unearth the truth. Join in the search and spread the word about Project #Prometheus to see just how far we've come.

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From the company that gave the world its most advanced space vehicle of the 21st century, comes a new design even more impressive than the last.

Heliades, the galaxy’s first ever FTL vehicle, has been the proud flagship of the Weyland Transportation division since 2034. Today, after thirty-eight years of development, Weyland announces the newest member of its impressive fleet: the larger, safer, FTL-capable, Prometheus.

The first mission of Prometheus is planned for next summer, 2073. Plans for Prometheus’ maiden voyage are already underway, and Weyland Citizen Relations personnel anticipate record numbers of civilians turning out to watch this highly-anticipated event, as Prometheus rises from the launch pad en route to the stars for the first time.

“She’s quite a ship,” admires Corin McManna, Heliades pilot and member of Prometheus test flight crew.

“I’ve flown hundreds of FTL missions on Heliades class vessels, but this would be the most exciting one yet.”

Captain McManna plans to compete for the helm of the first Prometheus, along with several other highly-qualified FTL pilots. “I want this job,” states McManna, “But there is an extremely high calibre of candidates to beat out. It’ll be tough.”

Weyland spokesperson, William Concordov, notes that the Prometheus class vessel will open up previously uncharted regions of space. “Prometheus can take us to KOI-2410 and beyond, past the furthest of our Weyland-built worlds,” says Concordov. “Where Heliades leaves off, Prometheus picks up. And this is just the beginning. Who knows where Weyland will go next or what our Prometheus crews will discover while traveling to each of our unique terraformed colonies and beyond, extending the reaches of the known universe?”